Forth Analytics is an Analytical Consultancy based in Central Scotland offering a wide range of data analysis and reporting service to our clients. Our team has extensive analytical ability and our aim is to offer a professional and friendly service while providing the technological and human resources required for analysing data and converting information into actionable insight to improve your business.


What we can do for you:

We specialise in Web Analytics: Helping you monitor and understand your website performance through in depth analysis of data collected from your website and helping identify areas of improvement.

Marketing campaign analysis: By assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using analytical techniques and providing you with insight on your return on investment.

Customer satisfaction surveys: The value of using numeric scales makes it easy to tabulate results and chart progress. When it comes to reporting we will look for common factors and analyse feedback, as these can point to potential flaws and areas where change is needed.

We analyse existing data collected by your company: Providing you with routine reports and analysis of your business information. We also carry out ad-hoc analysis on any particular areas of interest or specific campaigns.

We can also design, create and help you implement bespoke data capturing tools: : Allowing you to use data to positively impact your business performance.